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Abduction Chop - Banded

Once you've built sufficient capacity using the Abduction Chop, the next port of call can be to load the exercise with a mini band. Do not rush the load the exercise as good quality movement is key before that can optimally occur. The lateral aspect of the hip is key for changing direction, landing as well as lower limb mechanics for running or throwing activities, and targeting it using this exercise can a very time efficient way to activate the region before your session or performance begins.

Other cues

Keep chest perpendicular to the floor

Actively push your working leg back into the band

Keep your lower leg relaxed

Targeted muscles trained

Gluteus medius

Tensor Fasciae Latae

Gluteus maximus

Key movements trained

Hip abduction

Hip extension

Dissociation of hip abduction & lumbar lateral flexion


The positioning of the lower leg can alter the exercise a great deal. Having it directly underneath the top leg then the band is purely resisting abduction, and therefore if this is your goal then it's the best place to position the lower leg. If you would like to add an extension moment to the exercise you can move the lower leg forwards, the band will then be trying to pull the top leg forwards and so just keeping it inline with your body will result in gluteus maximus load which can be maintained as you move through abduction ranges.

A common error is that the exercise is loaded to a greater degree than the individual can tolerate with good form. Therefore using a lighter band at knee level is the best way to start and building resistance with the band here will also reduce any frontal plane load into the knee as the band will be above the knee rather than below it.

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