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Back squat

The back squat is a very important compound exercise which incorporates much of the large muscles of the lower limb and hip. When executed to the appropriate levels its use can have a large hormonal impact which will help to increase lean muscle mass.

It's use has good carry over into improving jump height and explosive power, and when used appropriately is a key fundemental exercise for hypertrophy, and body recomposition programs.

Other cues

Elbows under the bar

Bend the bar over your shoulders

Sit into a chair

Zip up your abdominals

Screw your feet into the ground

Stand up tall

Target muscles trained

Gluteus maximus

Adductor magnus

Quadriceps (mainly vastus medialis, vastus lateralis & vastus imedius)

Back extensors

Key movements trained

Triple extension

Hip extension, Knee extension, ankle plantarflexion


Best foot position for you is greatly affected by your hip joint shape

Ability to remain upright through range is affected by the length of your femur, ankle dorsiflexion range, length of your torso

Knees can go in front of toes, in fact they are required to for you to get a decent depth

Build weight upon good technique, make sure you have the form well versed at the weight you're working at before putting more weight on the bar

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