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Battle Ropes - Double wave

A high power output exercise using the battle ropes is the double wave version, unlike the Alternate Wave variety there is a big emphasis on the slamming of the rope and therefore this exercise is usually rather noisy. The slamming force created by the abdominals and arms make it a good upper body choice during Tabata or HIIT sessions and can be useful in those that cannot dynamically load through their legs

Other cues

Keep feet driving into the floor

Screw feet into the floor

Sit back into your hips

Create a loud noise from the rope hitting the floor

Slam rope into the floor

Targeted muscles trained

Rectus abdominus

Internal obliques

External obliques

Latissimus dorsi


Wrist ulna deviators

Key movements trained

Shoulder extension

Elbow extension

Wrist ulna deviation

Lumbar flexion capacity


Those with recent upper limb, or neck issues should seek advice before adding this to their program due to the high stretch-shortening-cycle stress that is found in the exercise across a few joints. The high load and abdominal flexion may also trouble those with a recent history of lower back pain so advice would be required there too.

Pairing the double wave with a lower body dominant exercise is a good way to move the stress around your body which allows one area to rest while another works, while keeping your heart rate high. This can also be used as a high power, explosive exercise using few reps at maximal effort.

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