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Wide Pull Up - Isometric

Often used as part of the continuum of exercises that build towards full pull ups, the isometric hold at the top of the range will test your ability to contract your latissimus dorsi when it’s in its shortened length. As well as this, your grip strength will be tested if you are not wearing grips aids.

Other cues

Hook the hands over the bar

Zip up your abdominals

Feet can also be crossed or led long

Drive your elbows to your hips

Targeted muscles trained

Latissimus dorse



Hand grip musculature

Key movements trained

Shoulder adduction

Elbow flexion

Hand grip


The width of your grip will be dependent on your shoulder width, with the wider grip creating more of a challenge within the shoulder and shoulder blade stability musculature despite it’s reduced range of motion compared to a narrower grip.

Fully extending the elbows at the bottom of the movement will greatly increase the work into the elbow flexors, specifically brachioradialis and brachialis.

Often this pattern is limited by grip strength, if this is something you want to negate then using wraps or versagrips can help unload grip muscles and put more work higher into the chain.

The emphasis grip strength development squeeze the bar throughout. interestingly, this squeeze can engage your rotator cuff muscles to a higher degree.

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